Qualities of Leadership

Qualities of Leadership Needed for Humanity, We had enough of the Boss Attitude
Leadership                                VS                        Boss
Unity                                                                       Divides
Inspire                                                                    Belittle
Gives                                                                       Takes
Selfless                                                                    Selfish
Humble                                                                   Ego
Honest                                                                    Deceptive
Cherish people                                                      Use people
Collective View                                                     Narrow Selfish Ego View
Gives Hope                                                            Diminishes Hope
Unconditional Love                                             Conditional Love (Ego)
Empathy                                                                Power Dominance
Compassion                                                          Cruelty, Harsh


Al-Wali Muhammad started his journey towards spiritual development at the tender age of 12 years. Al-Wali has been certified yoga instructor since 2015 and been providing coaching services since 2008. Al-Wali has taken numerous workshops over the years as it relates to spiritual development, stress elimination, personal development and mental health/well being. This has enabled him to learn a lot to assist others, also his own spiritual and personal development over the years has contributed significantly to him providing personal coaching to many persons from different walks of life.
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